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About me

After graduating from LiU 1981, I worked at Saab at Linköping until 1986 when I started as a PhD student at the Division of Solid Mechanics at LiU. In 1992 I moved back to Saab and stayed there until 1996 when I moved to the Division of Mechanics where I have been since.


In my thesis a simplified mechanical model of adhesively bonded joints was developed in cooperation with my supervisor Prof. Anders Klarbring. More precisely a two-dimensional description of the adhesive layer, i.e. as a material surface, was formulated. Together with Dr Peter Schmidt the concept was developed further and resulted in a very efficient fully two-dimensional model where also the bodies joined (the adherends) are described as material surfaces. I am still interested in the modelling of adhesively bonded joints, but my focus is currently on modelling of bone resorption leading to the loosening of orthopaedic implants. My colleague Dr Lars Johansson and I cooperate with Prof. Per Aspenberg and his group at The Faculty of Health Sciences (LiU/HU). We develop models where bone resorption is driven by fluid flow at the bone-soft tissue-implant interface due to relative motion between the bone and implant.

Recent Publications

A. Fahlgren, L. Johansson, U. Edlund and P. Aspenberg, Direct ex vivo measurement of the fluid permeability of loose scar tissue, Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics, 14(2), 47-51, 2012.

L. Johansson, U. Edlund, A. Fahlgren and P. Aspenberg. Fluid-induced osteolysis: modelling and experiments. Computer Methods in Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering, 14(4), 305-318, 2011.

P. Schmidt, U. Edlund, A finite element method for failure analysis of adhesively bonded structures, International Journal of Adhesion & Adhesives, 30, 665-681, 2010.

A. Fahlgren, M. Bostrom, X. Yang, L. Johansson, U. Edlund, F. Agholme and P. Aspenberg, Fluid pressure and flow as a cause of bone resorption, Acta Orthopaedica, 81(4), 508-516, 2010.

L. Johansson, U. Edlund, A. Fahlgren and P. Aspenberg. Bone resorption induced by fluid flow. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 131, 094505, 2009.

U. Edlund, P. Schmidt and E. Roguet. A model of an adhesively bonded joint with elastic-plastic adherends and a softening adhesive. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 198, 740-752, 2009.


I am examiner of two courses the academic year 2013/2014, Rigid Body Mechanics (TMME27) and Dynamics (TMME13). I am also involved in courses taught by colleagues: Flight Mechanics (TMME50, TMME55), Models of Mechanics (TMMS11) and Rigid Body Mechanics, Second Course (TMME19).

Ulf Edlund

Associate Professor


Division of Mechanics

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Linköping University

SE-581 83 Linköping, Sweden

Phone: +46 13 281110
Email: ulf.edlund@liu.se

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