Topology optimization in flow problems

Researcher:Niclas Wiker
Supervisor:Anders Klarbring
Co-supervisor:Thomas Borrvall
Funding:National Graduate School in Scientific Computing (NGSSC)

Brief History

Topology Optimization (TO) in solid mechanics is nowadays a rather large and active area of research. Here at LiU, these techniques have been further developed and used to study other areas in mechanics, like optimization of fluids in Stokes flow.

Project Goal

The overall goal in the present project is to further study the application of TO, concentrating on different types of flow. Hopefully, this will contribute to a grater understanding of flow systems in both nature and engineering, and the idea that these are consequences of optimization principles.

As a first step the optimal arrangement of Stokes and Darcy flow regions will be studied.

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Last updated: 2008-02-20