Division of Mechanics

Design Methodology and Topology Optimization for Vehicle Body Structures

Project Leader: Anders Klarbring

Researchers: Harald Fredricson

Funding: Volvo

Project Scope

Optimization of Vehicle body Stucture.


Research student
Lic. Eng.
Harald Fredricson
phone: 031-325 9707

Academic Advisor:
Anders Klarbring

Industrial Advisor:
Kaj Fredin


Optimization Method for Vehicle Body Structures

Project Question
This project is concerned with the use of optimization methods in the vehicle industry. Numerical optimization has been used with limited extend in the vehicle industry. However, great potential of using optimization methods has been identified during the development process of vehicle body structures. One driving force in this direction is the increased focus on building lighter and cheaper vehicles with better crashworthiness. There is also an interest, from an academic point of view in the area of optimization research, to establish the use of optimization methods in the industry.

Below an overview of the design method created in cooperation with Ph.D. student N. Bylund. This method is the core for the project.

Design method for Complex Mechanical Structures. 

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Optimization of simplified vehicle body structure.

An example.. 

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Other documents

  • H. Fredricson, "Topology Optimization of Vehicle Body Structures", In The Vehicle Component, No.4, 2002
  • H. Fredricson, "Structural Optimization in General and in the Vehicle Industry in Particular - A Survey",


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