Division of Mechanics

Structural Topology Optimization

Project Leader: Joakim Petersson

Researchers: Andreas Rietz, Peter Christensen, Thomas Borrvall

Funding: TFR-Swedish Research Council for Engineering Sciences

Topology optimization has proven to be an effective tool for obtaining more efficient and lighter structures. Several formulations are mathematically well-posed e.g. by enforcing so-called perimeter-like bounds. Therefore it is timely to try to design efficient solution methods, especially for large-scale problems since a good resolution requires a very fine mesh. In this setting, designing solution methods involves, in principal, mathematical programming as well as numerical analysis.

In addition to the natural use of optimization algorithms, this project focusses on finite element (FE) analyses in the framework of topology optimization. More precisely, we propose to investigate and develop multigrid methods for linear topology optimization problems and separable techniques for topology optimization with perimeter-like bounds. The way to perform the FE-discretizations , especially the discretization of perimeter bounds, will also be investigated.

Lately, we have generalized the topology optimization methodology to fluid mechanics.

Journal papers from this project:

The first picture shows an optimal design obtained by the developed Simultaneous shape and thickness optimization method, and the second picture shows results for topology optimization in fluid mechanics. The amount of medium, elastic solid and viscous fluid respectively, has been prescribed to a certain value, but besides that the optimization is made among a very large class of possible designs.

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