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Division of Mechanics: Computational Topology Design of Mechanical Structures

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Project Leaders: Anders Klarbring and Joakim PeterssonResearchers: Thomas Borrvall and Joakim Petersson

Funding: NTM - National Network in Applied Mathematics and NGSSC - National Graduate School in Scientific Computing

This project is the Topology Optimization part of the project "Computational optimal design in structural mechanics and aerodynamics" in Linköping. The Optimum Aerodynamic Design part is carried out by Per Weinerfelt and Oscar Enoksson at SAAB and Department of Mathematics at Linköping University. All the information below will concern the Topology Optimization part (and other activities at the division of Mechanics) only.

The funding from NTM covers 32% of the cost of Joakim Petersson's salary (including "lönekostnadspåslag" and administration fee) and 49% of Thomas Borrvall's salary. (The second half of the salary cost of Thomas Borrvall is covered by NGSSC). Additional costs are computers and travels. For more details on the budget, take a look at the first status report (see the menu at the bottom of the page).

The project began in the second half of 1997 and stops December 2001/ January 2002. 

Status reports

Initial research plan from 1997


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ICM Workshop on Optimization in Solid and Fluid Mechanics

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