Division of Mechanics

Continuum Models and Numerical Methods for Tribological Systems

Project Leaders: Anders Klarbring and Lars Johansson

Researcher: Peter Ireman

Funding: TFR-Swedish Research Council for Engineering Sciences

The phenomena of friction and wear are of great economic and engineering importance, and are therefore the subject of considerable scientific interest. The life time of machine elements subjected to contact situations are reduced by friction and wear both in the case of global sliding (assemblies such as wheels, gears, etc.) and in the case of micro-slip (assemblies such as splines, shrink-fits, bolted joints, etc.). A major wear phenomenon that reduces the life time of machine elements in the case of micro-slip is fretting. This phenomenon is appearing when contact surfaces are subjected to oscillatory displacements of small amplitudes and it might lead to loss of clearance or cause jamming in the assemblies. In severe cases, fretting might initiate cracks near the contact surface leading to fretting fatigue failures of components. Fretting fatigue is an important factor reducing the life time of machine elements in many areas of mechanical engineering. Significant research in fretting fatigue is to develop material models and numerical methods that predict the location of initial cracks. The primary goal for this project will be to develop a continuum model and a numerical method in order to study crack initiation in fretting fatigue.


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