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IKP - Mechanics

Growth, Remodeling and Residual Stress in Soft Tissues

Researcher: Tobias Olsson

Supervisor: Anders Klarbring

Funding: Swedish Research Council

Brief History

Biomechanics can be defined as the development and application of mechancis to solve problems in biology. In the beginning the development of biomechanics went slowly, due to the lack of knowledge of the needed mathematics. In the beginning of 1980 laboratory work began to develop and more and more realistic models begin to appear.

Most soft tissues include anisotropic, compressible and add to that fiber reinforcement, smooth muscle cells and the ability to remodel itself due to e.g., deseases, and growth, and you have a very complex material. To be able to develop an adequate model for soft tissues that include growth one must find a constitutive relation that describe the tissue realisticly and an evolution law that describe the change of mass and geometry.

Project Goal

The goal for this research project is to develop an adequate model that should be able to describe the complex behavior of human arteries. The governing equations consist of parameters unique for the material. One way to obtain these parameters are by solving a curve-fitting problem. To solve this type of problems one need experimental data. The model developed here use only data obtainable in vivo, that is data measurable in living specimens.

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