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Higher degrees in Engineering Mechanics

Docent titles

YearNameDateLecture title
2012Stefan LindströmMay 22Mjuka materials mikrostrukturer och mekaniska egenskaper
2010Ulf EdlundJune 8Modellering av benresorption vid ortopediska implantat
2009Jonas StålhandMarch 11Mathematical Modelling of Arteries. Can Biomechanics Predict Arterial Diseases?
2005Niclas StrömbergDecember 12Modellering och simulering av tribologiska system
2001Lars JohanssonDecember 7
1998Joakim PeterssonNovember 19

PhD degrees

YearNameDateDissertation title
2012Carl-Johan ThoreJune 1Optimal Design of Neuro-Mechanical Networks
2012Joakim HolmbergMay 4Musculoskeletal Biomechanics in Cross-country Skiing
2012Magnus HofwingJanuary 20Robustness Analysis of Residual Stresses in Casting
2008Niclas WikerSeptember 19Optimization in Continuum Flow Problems
2007Tobias OlssonApril 13Soft Tissue Mechanics with Emphasis on Residual Stress Modeling
2007Peter SchmidtMarch 16Computational Models of Adhesively Bonded Joints
2005Jonas StålhandJune 9Arterial Mechanics - Noninvasive Identification of Constitutive Parameters and Residual Stress
2005Mikael ThellnerApril 29Multi-Parameter Topology Optimization in Continuum Mechanics
2004Harald FredricsonSeptember 9Topology Optimization of Vehicle Body Structures: Method, Theory and Applications
2004Olle LundvallMarch 18Contact Mechanics and Noise in Gears
2003Peter IremanApril 23Continuum Models and Numerical Methods for tribological Systems
2002Thomas BorrvallJune 7Computational Topology Optimization in Continuum Mechanics
2000Peter ChristensenNovember 24Computational Nonsmooth Mechanics: Contact, Friction and Plasticity
2000Daniel HildingMarch 3Optimization of Structures in Contact
1997Niclas StrömbergOctober 24Thermomechanical Modelling of Tribological Systems
1995Joakim PeterssonDecember 18Optimization of Structures in Unilateral Contact

Licentiate degrees

YearNameDateThesis title
2014Ganarupan SathaFebruary 28Goal function approach to growth and remodeling of arteries
2014Dzenan HozicJanuary 17Composite Structure Optimization using a Homogenized Material Approach
2013Babak SharifimajdDecember 13On the continuum muscle modeling
2013Asim RashidAugust 29Simulation of Thermal Stresses in a Brake Disc
2013Erik HolmbergFebruary 8Stress and Fatigue Constrained Topology Optimization
2011Carl-Johan ThoreMay 19Optimal Design of Neuro-Mechanical Networks
2009Magnus HofwingRobustness and FEA of Residual Stresses in Castings
2008Joakim HolmbergFebruary 8Computational Biomechanics in Cross-country Skiing
2008Johan MagnussonFebruary 29Neuro Mechanical Networks - The concept and optimal design
2007Erik GustafssonOctober 19Optimization of castings by using Surrogate Models
2006Niclas WikerOctober 27Topology Optimization in Fluid Flow Problems
2004Tobias OlssonOctober 29Modeling Residual Stress Fields in Soft Tissues with Applications to Human Arteries
2004Torbjörn JohansenTopology Optimization of Vehicle Structures
2003Jonas StålhandModelling the Passive Mechanical Properties of Arteries
2002Harald FredricsonSeptember 9Optimization Methods for Vehicle Body Structures
2002Mikael ThellnerIntegrated Structural Optimization for Mechanical Optimal Design
2001Peter IremanContinuum Models and Numerical Methods for Fretting
2001Peter SchmidtDecember 20Analysis of Adhesively Bonded Joints - An Asymptotic Approach
2000Thomas BorrvallSeptember 28Computational Topology Optimization of Elastic Continua by Design Restriction
2000Olle LundvallSeptember 29Simulation of Contact, Friction and Wear in Gears - A Finite Element Approach
1998Daniel HildingOptimization of Mechanical Structures in Unilateral Contact and Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints
1997Peter ChristensenAlgorithms for Frictional Contact Problems Based on Mathematical Programming
1997Niklas LundinDecemberModelling and Numerical Treatment of Viscoelasticity Including Damage: Application to the Softening and Failure of Polymer
1995Niclas StrömbergContinuum Thermodynamics of Contact, Friction and Wear

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