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Pictures from Svenska Mekanikdagarna 2001, Linköpings Universitet 11-13 June 2001

The reception desk.

The Folke Odqvist Lecture is held by Nils Saabye Ottosen.

Bertram Broberg (right) recieves the award for lifetime achievments in mechanics from the Swedish National Committe for Mechanics.

Hanno Essen.

Bo Torstenfelt.

Lennart Josefson (right) will organize the next conference at Chalmers University of Technology and recieves the conference banner.

Catharina Dahlstedt and Jaroslav Mackerle of the organizing committe recieves flowers for a job well done.

Pictures from the conference dinner at the Swedish Airforce Museum

Anders Klarbring holds the welcome speech.

Ulf Edlund talks about the worlds fastest turboprop, the SAAB 2000.

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