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Engineering Research Seminars

An initiative to strengthen the scientific discourse in our engineering-oriented research groups and to increase collaboration between the divisions by sharing scientific knowledge among us.


We meet every second week during the semesters to enjoy a presentation by one of our faculty members, doctoral students or an invited speaker, who gives a talk (<30 min) on either one of the following, or similar, topics

  • Review of recent or classical research paper
  • Tutorial of an experimental technique or theoretical method
  • Biography of a famous researcher
  • General engineering or engineering education
  • Perspective on in-house research
Note that conference-style, in-depth presentations of one's own research is not suitable for this seminar series due to the diverse background of the audience. An exception can be made for invited speakers.

Address any questions or ideas regarding the seminar series to Jonas Stålhand or Stefan Lindström.

Preliminary schedule, spring 2014

Date Time Place Org. Speaker Title
Fri. 4 Apr. 10.15 315:934 (above ent. 15) Hållf. Kjell Simonsson
Thu. 24 Apr. 10.15 Mek.V. Johan Renner Industriprojekt i kursverksamhet
Thu. 8 May 10.15 A32 COMSOL AB Daniel Ericsson COMSOL Multiphysics
Fri. 23 May 9.15 Mek. Joakim Holmberg

Preliminary schedule, autumn 2014

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